2019 Impact Overview



ONE Project is a nonprofit organization based in Robbinsville, NJ. ONEProject is committed to making a difference by bringing people from different backgrounds together to address social needs through education and volunteerism. Through their senior scholars program, they intend to create a network of young people who are deeply invested in giving back to the community and provide them with the resources, ideas, and training to carry out their visions for the future. Under the banner of their 2020-21 Student Scholars Program, Write & Co launched the COVID Literacy Project.

The Gem Project works to improve high school to college student engagement, while supporting on-time graduation rates, through peer-mentoring, life-skill workshops and service-learning initiatives that take on a social justice approach. They recognized Ishva’s work through Write & Co.

Through their Helene Cody Scholars Program, the Helene Cody Foundation provided seed funding and guidance for the first literacy workshops. Write & Co started off in Cranbury, NJ as the “Early Literacy Society”.